We have two policy manuals available, the Parent Handbook and the Health and Safety Manual.

Zimtor Parent Handbook Cover

Parent Handbook
The Parent Handbook presents detailed policies of importance to parents.

Download Parent Handbook (1.6 MB)

Zimtor Health and Safety Manual Cover

Health and Safety Manual
The Health and Safety Manual is a comprehensive catalog of the health and safety policies at Zimtor.

This manual is currently in development and will be available for download as soon as it is completed.

Homer Lane

Homer Lane about 1900. Homer Lane was an American who founded The Little Commonwealth in England in 1913. The Little Commonwealth was a boarding school for juvenile delinquents and was one of the first progressive schools to use a true student government in which almost all school rules were made by the students themselves. As a result of what is now widely thought of as a false accusation against Lane for sexual misconduct with a student, the school was forced to close only a few years after opening. Nevertheless, The Little Commonwealth was highly regarded among progressive educators at the time, and for progressive schools that use genuine student government, Lane and The Little Commonwealth continue to serve as an important model.